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This category is open for all organisations and individuals with a product or service that is out there to help people become a better healthier version of themselves and who continually strive to offer great customer satisfaction.

LW Dance

LW Dance began with a dream

To make others smile through a dance routine

Kicking the stereotypes right into touch

Provide a warm welcome when the nerves are too much

Regardless of fitness, capability or strength

You’ll feel safe in the studio, we go to all lengths

Leave ego’s at the door, we’re all the same here

No rhythm? No fitness? So what? Don’t fear!

We have formed a community that much is true

Take a dance class with us and then stay for a brew

We dance like no-one’s watching and really don’t care

If your make up is perfect or you forgot to do your hair

There’s nothing more rewarding than to watch someone grow

Watch them smile over time when they first appeared low

Gaining confidence as their fitness starts to bloom

And they realise how many friends they’ve made in the room

There’s something for everyone grown up’s and kids too

A child’s health is as important as it is for me and you

We cater for all, even putting on shows

A chance for a child and adult to add more strings to their bow

We’re proud of who we are and how far we have come

Unlike many others, we’re about fitness AND fun

Our passion is infectious, our members want more

They start their journey nervous, but soon they will soar

It’s not just about the physical but your mental health too

It’s a place to escape and simply be you

For fitness and fun come to LWD

Be fit, be you, but above all, just be!

The Mark Method

Helping people has always been within my nature and since devoting myself to the Health and Fitness industry aged 17, I’ve been able to help so many individuals. Since starting out I’ve been committed to developing my skillset and knowledge to make my business reach its potential, now aged 24 my passion is still going strong and I’m proud to be my own boss.

The Mark Method offers various services, including Personal Training, Nutritional Coaching and Powerlifting Coaching, but I stand out because I’m also a qualified Intrinsic Biomechanics Coach; currently Northamptonshire’s only one. Biomechanics is the study of the mechanical laws of the movement and structure of the body. My work involves gaining understanding of how your body moves and how it can move more efficiently. This service can reduce the risk of injury and combat common, and preventable, physical ailments such as back pain etc.

My services can be utilised on their own or together, I’ve also worked in unison with professionals such as physiotherapists to provide the best possible outcomes for my clients. Regardless of which service you opt for, my goal is to teach you more about yourself. I enjoy educating people on how to alter lifestyles in an empowering way to meet personal goal(s) without drastic changes. I often share informative content through YouTube and focus on sustainable long-term solutions.

Vote for The Mark Method because my business offers years of experience, unique services, and strives to continually innovate. I am driven to provide the best for my clients as they’re at the centre of my business. The Mark Method is registered as a Limited company, however it’s just myself living and breathing the business as it’s more than a business to me; it’s my hobby, my obsession, my avenue for genuine job satisfaction.

Wellness, Weight Management & Lifestyle Centre

The Wellness, Weight Management & Lifestyle Centre is a friendly service located in the centre of Kettering and aims to help people improve their lifestyle through good nutrition, education, fitness and motivational support. Although situated in Kettering, we accept all residents from Northamptonshire.

Our approach is specifically focused on helping people adopt a healthier and more active lifestyle for the long term.
Nutrition and Lifestyle educational sessions are held to raise awareness of the importance of the key elements of nutrition and tips are offered too. For example, we find that when people understand why it’s important to eat certain key foods, they make more informed choices and this can impact on the entire family unit. Today, more than 70% of adults are overweight or obese and one in three children are obese.

Our approach has qualified us to be one of the Providers for weight management service, as part of the Council’s / GP Referral system. For two years now, we have provided a service to residents in the county. People can now assess themselves and choose us as part of the Services that work in line with the Public Health England Framework.

We offer 12 weekly face to face Health and Nutrition group sessions and Fitcamp (Exercise) sessions are held three days a week.
Online support is also offered, where necessary.

Exercise activities are offered for all levels of fitness on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays
In addition, a FREE health walk is held on Wednesdays 12.30 pm (Meet at the Corn Market Hall)
The Fitcamp Kettering sessions will be expanding soon to Rushden, although currently, we are the only accredited Serpafit Centre in Northamptonshire. Sessions are suitable for all abilities.

We have a high retention and customer satisfaction and feedback comments are always positive. Based on data submitted over a period of 2 years to the Council as part of the KPIs, we have not received any complaints since monitoring this. Apart from the goal of weight loss, the service focuses on helping people change habits for the better in the long term to start to have a better quality of life, by the end of their 12 weekly session. People feel stronger, fitter and healthier. Please contact Aba on 07725 685090 or email her at

Aba Wilson-Morkeh
Wellness, Weight Management & Lifestyle Centre
Kettering, Northants, NN16 0DJ
07725 685090



Email: Phone: 01536 860710




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